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EE 4G Launch | Event Internet and Connectivity

Nicole Scherzinger - Twitter Dress

At noba, we are used to creating unique WiFi and Connectivity solutions for our clients, and the EE 4G Launch was no exception. Not only did we have to build a network to provide connectivity for members of the press and visitors to the event, but also provide connection for the world’s first tweeting dress. This dress was to be worn by Nicole Scherzinger during her performance at the launch event, so our event WiFi connections had to perfect.

Designing three different connectivity solutions to provide temporary broadband, within a limited timeframe and budget is no mean feat, especially with the required resilience and security.

There was an existing connection system at the venue, but it couldn’t cope with the demand of the event so we used our unique onsite bonding unit to combine our system with the original one. This allowed us to establish our own high availability, 1:1 contention satellite system and provide a super-fast and reliable internet service for everyone at the festival.

EE 4G Launch

This was supported by an automatic backup should any of the connections fail, meaning the show could go on. This allowed the production crew and organisers to concentrate fully on delivering a great launch event, without worrying about the reliability of their internet connection.

Despite the complexities involved with the EE 4G Launch, noba managed to overcome the challenges and deliver an effective temporary Wi-Fi solution for the event.

Our system can cope with up to 6 different networks and combine them to produce one of the fastest temporary and event WiFi solutions available. We can also set up our connectivity solutions with very little notice and in a short period you can be enjoying strong, reliable internet with speeds over 100 mbps.

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Posted 17th February 2017