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Exhibiting and speaking at Event Tech Live 2019

This week the team and I will be at Event Tech Live, we’ll not only be exhibiting on the show floor and meeting up with clients old and new, but I’ll also be taking part in a panel discussion on the subject of ‘Future Event Venues’. It’s a hot topic which will no doubt generate some great content. During the session on Thursday 7th November, we will explore how venues can use technology in years to come and how this technology will shape the future of our events. At noba, we have the first-hand experience of working with venues that have been purpose-built with functionality, visitor experience and cutting edge technology in mind from the get-go. I look forward to discussing all of this, and more, with the rest of the panel and those attending. 

For us, attending the event gives us the opportunity to meet face to face with lots of clients, something which is very hard to do in a normal working day as everyone has such a busy life, especially in the world of events, but it also gives us the chance to understand what other technology is available and share in the knowledge transfer and education available at Event Tech Live.

Event Tech Live does exactly what you would expect by bringing together a large group (several thousand) of suppliers and users of great technology to enhance their events. The possibilities are endless these days with the amount of technology that’s available but understanding how and when to use this technology is pivotal to how effective, or of use, it may be to the individual client. We’ve certainly found the event very beneficial over the last three years. 

With so much discussion in the world of connectivity and the Internet of things, staying connected is, in most cases, a major driver with most technologies. Take any cloud-based technology solution that needs to pull or push information in real-time across the internet, it needs a robust Wi-Fi solution that’s fit for purpose. We are involved in most discussions from the conceptual stages all the way through to delivery, integration with other technology or simply providing the platform with credible, reliable Wi-Fi which makes us a trusted partner and essential supplier to the events industry. What better place to ensure we are available to support and help our clients than being on hand at Event Tech Live.

Come say hi at our stand 1508 at any time during Event Tech Live and speak with me directly or join the debate on Thursday 7th November at 1 pm at the Expo & Engage stage!

Gary Exall – Director
Posted 4th November 2019