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Glamour Awards | Internet and Connectivity

Glamour Awards

As Berkeley Square’s premier provider of temporary internet and connectivity solutions, noba were called upon to deliver connectivity for the 4th year running to the Glamour Magazine Women of the Year Awards 2015. With 250 VIP guests, 50 members of the press and 30 crew, our connectivity solution had to be fast and dependable.

Using our satellite broadband system, we delivered broadband connectivity of over 40mbps, with built-in auto failover. This meant the connection was robust and reliable – very important for big brand events.

As a backup for the satellite link, we established a bonded LTE system, which produces a high frequency 4G connection for devices. This would automatically provide connectivity should the main system have encountered issues.

Our live monitoring system allowed us to identify heavy users and adjust coverage to meet user requirements in real time. This means our system is incredibly flexible, allowing us to quickly respond to the demands of an event.

After the event, we were able to provide our client with a full analysis of the network. This allows us to plan for next year’s event and gives us a rich insight into how much bandwidth was used, what it was used for, and the types of devices that connected to it.

Glamour Awards

The post analysis of the 2014 event led to us using under floor AP positioning in 2015, resulting in greater coverage results whilst using the same number of access points.

With the bandwidth options available to us we can easily provide a robust connection for streaming events such as these, either via our own streaming department or your existing streaming partner.

As a trusted supplier to the award show, noba are perfectly placed to provide connectivity to similar events in London, across the UK or anywhere on the planet. For more information about our temporary internet and connectivity solutions, please click here or contact us.

Posted 17th August 2015