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HTC Skatepark at Selfridges | Event Software and Apps

HTC Skatepark - Event Software

Sutherland Smith Group contracted noba to provide bespoke software for part of the launch of HTC’s new HTC One M8. The objective was to show off the M8’s UltraPixel camera in a unique and engaging way.

For the event, HTC had teamed up with Selfridges to provide a unique venue, the Old Selfridges Hotel. This was an abandoned hotel, situated in the heart of London. As part of the launch, the building was converted into the UK’s largest undercover skatepark, creating the perfect environment to showcase the capabilities of the HTC M8’s UltraPixel camera.

noba designed, built and installed a completely bespoke software solution for the event. Attendees to the event would record using the UltraPixel camera and the software would automatically upload, edit and play back the videos.

HTC Skatepark at Selfridges

These were displayed on large screens around the event so both participants and spectators could watch the footage, quickly and easily.

This was a great way to showcase the M8’s camera, with lots of great, dynamic shots that engaged the audience. There was also a screen set up as a popup inside the main Selfridges store, allowing shoppers and passers-by a sneak peek into the event.

The solution worked flawlessly and allowed the power of the M8’s camera to shine. noba are experts at designing and delivering bespoke software and apps that completely fit the client’s requirements.

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Posted 18th February 2015