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Hybrid events with noba

The world around us is changing, and the live events industry is adapting with it. As venues reopen and live events begin to take place once again, we understand that not everyone will want to, or be able to, return in person immediately. We know it’s likely to take a while for audience confidence and investment in larger scale events to return, and that hybrid events will become the new norm. However we also understand that it might be difficult to navigate this new and complex virtual landscape, so we thought we’d take you through what a hybrid event is, why you should host one, and how we can help you make the move to hybrid for your next event.

What is a hybrid event?

An event that combines a live, in-person event with a virtual component that offers a way to participate online. Simply live streaming your event doesn’t make it hybrid – the online audience must feel included, with the ability to actively participate in the event.

Why host a hybrid event?

To ensure your entire audience is reached

Hybrid events will now play a big part in ensuring entire target audiences are still included. It is no longer just busy schedules and budget constraints preventing attendance in person – factors such as health issues, travel restrictions and of course venue capacity regulations are now contributing to reduced attendance in person. It is therefore important to ensure there is a significant virtual element to your event, to ensure none of your audience is alienated.

To increase content opportunities

It’s not just about audience attendance – hybrid events also make it possible for guest speakers and thought leaders who cannot attend in person to present virtually.

To help bring your event to life

Whilst virtual events have provided a great short-term solution, nothing beats face-to-face contact. The atmosphere generated from a live event, with its physical stage and audience, is very different to that of a purely online event. Hybrid events should give both your online audience and your virtual audience the opportunity to interact with your event and each other, for example through Q&As, polls, networking, and more.

To receive valuable data and metrics

Virtual event platforms can gather a lot of data on your audience traffic and event performance, which will help with measuring the ROI of your event and understanding areas to improve on for future events.

To keep a record of your event

Not only does this cater for those that are unable to join your event in real-time, it also allows you to keep a record of your event to be used in the future. Whether it’s recordings of breakout sessions at a conference or entertainment at an awards dinner, content can be used for marketing purposes, educational tools for new employees, and more.

To increase attendance in the future

If people are on the fence about attending your event, joining online gives them the opportunity to join the elements of the event that they are interested in, without the commitment of travelling to the event in person. They can pick up the highlights of the event online and, if they enjoy the experience, may consider attending in person next time.

How can we help you?

Refusing to stand still, our team has invested this enforced downtime into developing services to help our clients achieve the perfect online solution for both virtual and hybrid events. From conferences and product launches through to trade shows and more, any event can be executed seamlessly in our newly embraced event world.

From support with event platforms and portals through to event communication, event delivery and live streaming, we can provide you with the IT required for a glitch-free event experience. 

Find out more about our virtual and hybrid event toolkit here.

Posted 19th August 2020