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Live streaming with noba

As the world of communication has been changing, the live events industry has been adapting, and live streaming has become the go-to solution for ensuring wider audiences are still reached. At noba, we have been live streaming events for many years over our 20-year existence, and the noba team have learned to stream from pretty much any location on the planet. We’ve even streamed from a racing yacht out at sea!

What is live streaming?

Live streaming is a great way to expand your event audience beyond the physical walls of the venue (or boundaries if the event is outside!) Typically, a live video feed is sent to a social media platform such as YouTube or Facebook, allowing an almost limitless number of viewers to experience the event in real time.

The benefits of using a platform such as YouTube or Facebook is that they are extremely stable and able to cope with millions of viewers. However, these platforms may not be suitable for events that require a more secure platform, specifically a private stream to an invite only audience. In this instance, noba can provide a private CDN (Content Delivery Network) and custom player which replaces the likes of YouTube or Facebook, but is equally stable and still allows mass viewing simultaneously.

As well as main and backup streaming hardware for resilience, a quality live stream also requires a stable and robust internet connection. As experts in connectivity, this is something we can also provide as part of our end to end streaming service. Given how critical the internet connection is to a live stream, we always recommend a main and backup connection via two separate internet providers, for example a dedicated lease line as the main source and a satellite broadband connection as a backup. But don’t worry, the noba team will cover all of the technical elements, enabling you to focus on your event.

Why use noba?

As well as providing crystal clear, cutting edge streaming services, noba can also deliver bullet proof internet connectivity from 5Mbps to 10Gbps. All of our connections come with seamless failover options and can be installed in as little as 24hrs to ensure uninterrupted perfect streaming every time.

Noba have been proud to deliver some great live streaming moments over the years. Below are a few of our highlights…

Client: Matter XP
Brand: OnePlus
Event: OnePlus handset launch

Noba streamed the event to 350,000 live viewers across all OnePlus social media platforms. Providing main and backup hardware, full project management and onsite team for the live event, we also provided enterprise grade main and backup internet connectivity for full redundancy.

Click here to view the full event.

Budget: £12,500 + VAT
Live stream: £7,500 + VAT main and backup internet connection.

Client: MyBeautifulCity
Brand: Versace
Event: Versus Versace Show

Providing full streaming services, the noba stream team delivered a 1080p live stream of the Versus Versace show from London’s Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch to all of Versace’s social channels. Main internet connection was supplied by the venue whilst noba provided a dedicated 10Mbps Satellite uplink for the backup connection.

Click here to view full event.

Budget: £6,500 + VAT
Live stream: £3,000 + VAT backup satellite broadband link.

Client: PRG
Brand: Aitch (music artist)
Event: Aitch – Polaris – Stay Home and Vibe #WithMe

Noba streamed this live 45min gig during the UK lockdown from PRG’s studio to YouTube. Providing all streaming services including project management, onsite support and backup bonded LTE connection, this event was watched by 75,000 live viewers on the artist’s YouTube channel.

Click here to view the full event.

Budget: £2,000 + VAT

Live stream: £595 + VAT bonded LTE internet backup (main supplied by venue).

Why live stream your event?

From extending your reach and increasing engagement through to being able to re-use and re-purpose recorded content in the future, there are many benefits to live streaming your event. Click here to read more.

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Posted 3rd September 2020