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The nBox is noba’s solution for portable plug and play internet, and enterprise grade WiFi for team home working, smaller scale events and live streaming.

Developed in response to a growing demand for cost-effective, reliable connectivity for smaller events and live streaming applications, we took everything we knew about bonded cellular for large-scale deployments and refined the technology so that it fits inside a small, highly portable Peli Case. The nBox still offers many of the features of our more traditional connectivity solutions (highly secure, single public IP address, class-leading WiFi and reliability), whilst also meeting the budgets of the scaled-down, COVID-era event marketplace.

The nBox also offers the perfect solution for combining existing home broadband connections with an unlimited 4G connection, to produce a single, more reliable and highly secure internet connection.

Coupled with an enterprise grade, super stable WiFi connection, nBox is the UK’s most reliable 4G solution. And because our bonded 4G connections come with truly unlimited data, the nBox guarantees no more excess data charges.

Key features

Rock solid internet:

By combining 2 connections, nBox dramatically improves the stability, reliability and uptime of your internet connection. When your broadband is unreliable or drops out, nBox keeps you online, at home or on site.

Powerful Wi-Fi:

nBox contains an enterprise-grade Ruckus wireless access point. Widely considered to be the best in the business, Ruckus equipment is renowned for its ability to cope in challenging environments. nBox can even be configured with the same Wi-Fi settings as your office, when working at home, so your devices automatically connect when they’re in range.

Military-grade encryption:

nBox uses military-grade 265-bit end-to-end encryption to secure your data. With the optional ‘site-to-site VPN’, your data is encrypted all the way from your home to your office or data centre.

Enterprise-grade equipment:

nBox is built using enterprise-grade equipment that’s been tried, tested and trusted by businesses worldwide. It meets the most rigorous security standards and is both PCI (Payment Card Industry) and DSS (Data Security Standard) compliant.

Plug and play:

Each nBox is assembled, configured and soak-tested by engineers in our North London warehouse. The boxes are then sent out with all necessary cables, and simple instructions on how to plug them in – no user configuration is necessary. We also have a UK-based technical support team on hand for round the clock support, whether you’re connecting from home or at your event.

Cloud management dashboard (coming soon):

We’re now in the process of building a cloud management dashboard to enable the remote configuration and monitoring (including data usage, uptime and speed tests) of fleets of nBox devices.

How the nBox works

Setup of the nBox couldn’t be easier; simply plug in to a power source, wait five minutes and connect either via the enterprise grade WiFi connection or a network cable. The nBox comes with a default WiFi name and password, but this can be customised to meet your requirements at no extra cost.

Find out more about the nBox here, including an example of the nBox at work for a client of ours.

Pricing of the nBox will depend on your specific requirements but rental starts from £200 + VAT.

Ready to learn more?

We’re continuously developing products to meet the demands of this rapidly changing pandemic landscape. We’re sure that, as the uncertainty continues, so will the demand for products we didn’t even know were needed.

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