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Nissan Leaf Experience | Event Software and Apps

Nissan Leaf Experience - Event Software

Nissan engaged Proud Robinson to design something unique for the event to celebrate the Nissan Leaf European activation. In turn, Proud Robinson contracted noba to assist with the delivery of this event, and tasked us with creating a very special element for the occasion.

At noba, we pride ourselves on our innovation and approach to cutting edge technology. For the Nissan Leaf event this was exemplified with a never before seen, world first solution developed by us.

Our team designed, manufactured and installed the bespoke software solution that transformed a regular Nissan Leaf into the world’s most immersive PlayStation 3 controller. This ground-breaking technology utilised the very latest Bluetooth 4.0 Technology and custom accelerometers.

This customised Nissan Leaf was then hooked up to Sony’s ultimate racing game, Gran Turismo, and taken for a spin on the game’s racetracks. Controlling the in-game car with the Nissan Leaf was a unique experience for users, never has driving a video game car felt so lifelike.

The software was developed to be highly accurate and enjoy extremely low latency, allowing for a lifelike driving experience.

We love a challenge at noba and creating a solution such as the Nissan Leaf PlayStation controller can add a unique element to your event and is certainly a crowd pleaser. With our experience and expertise in using only the latest technology, we can design and implement bespoke software and mobile apps, perfect for your requirements.

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Posted 18th February 2018