The Project:

Formula E, officially the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, is a single-seater motorsport championship for electric cars.

Formula E is more than just a race on the track; it’s also a proving ground and platform with a higher purpose – to test new technologies, drive development to the production line and put more electric cars on the road. Using the spectacle of sport, the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship is sending a powerful and meaningful message to help alter perceptions and speed up the switch to electric to counteract the climate crisis and address the devastating effects of air pollution.
Now in their 8th season, Noba has been providing trackside support for pre-season testing at the Mahindra and Mercedes EQ Formula E UK bases.

Our Solution:

With changes made to everything from software to setup, countless hours spent on dynos, rigs and test benches and pounding the virtual miles on simulators, it’s vital that teams have a real-world benchmark. Getting on track for testing days enables engineers to tally whether what they’ve seen in theory transpires in practice at a race circuit.
The Noba team worked alongside Mahindra Racing and Mercedes EQ, providing trackside connectivity to enable the Formula E teams to upload real-time telemetry data for the cars.

Formula E, the world’s first and only Net Zero Carbon championship. It champions unparalleled technology and provides a marketing platform to showcase the future of electric mobility in iconic city centres around the world. Noba is delighted to be able to support the teams with trackside connectivity for their track testing days and we hope to continue supporting teams and manufacturers who share our commitment to a more sustainable and electric future.

Nick Taylor

Director, Noba Event WiFi