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SapientNitro Ideas Exchange | Live Video Streaming

SapientNitro - Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming events can give companies some great opportunities to showcase their brand, services or a special event. noba were engaged by Drive Productions to deliver high-quality, reliable live streaming for the SapientNitro Ideas Exchange. The scale of this event meant that the live broadcast was to be in high-definition and internet connections had to be extremely resilient.

With representatives from huge global brands in attendance, such as Unilever, McLaren Automotive and Google, at the London Film Museum, the SapientNitro event required only the very best in live streaming technology.

There were also high profile VIP speakers at the event, including fashion designer and businesswoman Vivienne Westwood, celebrity TV and Michelin starred Chef Heston Blumenthal, and film director, producer and explorer James Cameron.

Our solution provided a completely flawless live streaming experience for the global audience, allowing SapientNitro to run the event without a hitch. Our service didn’t end with the event though. The noba auto-archive platform also provided a digital copy for the client, immediately available following the event.

SapientNitro - Live Streaming

At noba, we have a wealth of experience in delivering high-quality live video streaming solutions to our clients, with fully redundant broadcasts. We use only the very latest technology available, so clients can be assured their solution will be cutting edge, and we design our solution to fulfill the specific requirements of the client, resulting in a completely bespoke service.

We are also experts at delivering solutions in very challenging environments. From remote locations with little to know infrastructure or connectivity, to events with taxing demands, such as huge audiences or global requirements, our solutions will deliver great results. Our networks are reliable, durable, and provide fantastic internet connectivity and video streaming opportunities.

For more information about our video streaming services, please visit this page or see more of our case studies. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Posted 18th February 2015