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Virtual Fusion

By Nick Taylor , Managing Director at Noba Event Wi-Fi

Virtual Fusion – How the Noba Tech Glue solution can transform the virtual platform experience

Successful events are about getting the balance right between planning and delivery, vision and budget, and pulling the perfect team together to design and deliver it. The same philosophy applies to taking events online. Just as much time, effort, creativity, and expertise needs to be dedicated to whatever you’re being asked to produce. We all know that every event is different, and one size does not fit all. A huge amount of thought and planning needs to take place to enjoy success.

All the same principals apply to a virtual event; it needs to be on brand, the audience needs to be engaged in a meaningful way and participants want to enjoy the journey. When you select a venue, you choose the best fit for your event, but you make it perfect by adapting it. You may build break out areas, create chillout or networking spaces, build bars or product display booths. You add digital components and communication elements to make it easier for guests to attend and get the most out of the experience. So how do you achieve the perfect online experience? Whether you have already chosen your virtual event platform and need tech support, or just have questions about what platform is right for you, the noba team are here to help.

From conferences, to product launches, and exhibitions, anything can be achieved in our newly embraced virtual event world. But the question is, can everything you want to achieve be accommodated on one platform, or are you finding that there are elements of each one that you research, that would be a great fit for your event, If only you could combine them to create the perfect solution? By now you’ll probably be familiar with platforms like Zoom Webinar, Livestorm, Hop In, or Bizzabo that offer an all in one solution that cover everything from networking events, meetings, webinars, and live broadcasts, to the more specialised products focussing on specific event types such as virtual trade show platforms like 6connex. Millions have been spent on developing some of these platforms, so rather than re-inventing the wheel, why not simply leverage the power of these existing tools and customise them to create a bespoke, fully branded, engaging and unique experience?

For example, Eventbrite may tick all of your boxes for promotion and registration; but lack any sort of interactivity between attendees. Or Zoom may offer the scheduling and video conferencing you’re after, whether they’re one-to-one or one-to-many, but not offer the flexibility to deliver pre-recorded or interactive content or stream the keynote out to tens of thousands. You may also want to automate meetings, either group or 1-on-1, as part of your virtual event agenda. An example of this is an invite-only event where an attendee would receive an email link taking them to the microsite from where they can click buttons to dial-in to specific meetings or more general ‘rooms’ to live video chat with a product specialist. You might also want a dedicated ‘destination’ to send to your audience that isn’t ‘, but. ‘’. It is possible to build a branded microsite with the live stream embedded in the middle, and to add other bells and whistles to the experience.

The Noba team offers technical project management and bespoke development services, to deliver a fully branded unique experience every time.

  • Live tech support for all your delegates and speakers via online chat, phone and remote device access.
  • Pre event testing of participants internet connection, video & audio hardware and environment advise
  • Dedicated at home internet connectivity options
  • Dedicated AV hardware inc webcams, laptops, microphones etc.
  • Virtual event platform guidance and custom development
  • End to end technical project management of your event
Posted 15th May 2020