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We provide IT consultancy and connectivity solutions for office moves and crisis relocations to get your business online within 48 hours.

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How We Help

We are all aware of how integral our access to the internet is for our business activities. So if you have had to relocate your event or work site due to an unexpected incident, then the Noba team can help. We can get you up and running with an emergency internet and temporary WiFi solution within 48 hours.

Our experience spans decades, and we like to think there is no connectivity issue that we cannot solve.

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What we achieved as a team seemed almost impossible during the site survey given the timescales, but all of us accepted the challenge and worked around the clock to get the network live by the deadline. We know the events team are amazing at working under pressure, it’s what they do, but to see that in action on such a phenomenal scale made us extremely proud. This project was a testament not only to the teams’ specialist skill set, but also to the agility and pedigree of the individuals involved. No other industry has suppliers that can deliver such a quality service in so little time.

Nick Taylor

Noba Director

Our Experience

We’ve worked on festivals, product launches, fashion shows, conferences, exhibitions, sporting events, parties, tours, concerts and more – you name it, we’ve worked on it.

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