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We provide standalone and integrated software solutions for events, tailored to your requirements.

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What We Do

Whether you engage us to integrate your existing technology with social media or to build a standalone custom application, one thing we can guarantee is that our software will offer bulletproof reliability. It will not crash, it will not fail.

All our software is rigorously tested under a variety of conditions prior to going to an event, ensuring it will not let you down. As such, you will never see us having to code onsite to fix a bug or finish a project.

Combined with our event connectivity expertise we can seamlessly integrate our software with the internet allowing your event to have a global reach via social media channels and website integration.

We only create applications for the events industry and, as such, fully understand the time critical nature of events. In the live environment there are no second chances. For robust, beautifully engineered systems that have to be delivered on time, we are the experts. Our solutions will not let you down.

Headed up by Head of Special Projects James Grant, who has over 500,000 app downloads to his name, our development team are fluent in many languages, including OBJ-C, PHP and SQL. We can build custom applications from the ground up, integrate your current systems with social media to bring your event to a wider audience, or deliver a fully functioning, location aware Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) system.

We are also experts in the latest beacon technology and have a variety of applications that can be used with very little notice. This can greatly reduce the cost of bringing the latest software to your event.

From existing software platforms to one of a kind, world first technology, the only limit on what we can deliver is your imagination!

Our Experience

As one of the UK’s first event specific IT companies, our experience across the years is varied. Check out some of our work below.

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