We provide CCTV for live events, delivering temporary monitoring and security solutions for short-term applications such as festivals, installations, brand activations and more.

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What we offer

Our event CCTV solution enables event organisers and site security to monitor activity in highly populated areas for crowd control, health and safety, incident alerts, traffic management and crime reduction. Noba monitors your site 24/7 with a dedicated CCTV operator for large-scale events such as festivals.

Our team have worked across the globe, from the Scottish Highlands and remote Greek islands to superyachts and beaches in the south of France. We love a challenge and always deliver!

We are specialists in outdoor connectivity.

Learn more about solving the problem of outdoor connectivity here.

No need for a separate network

Because CCTV networks are all IP based, we can run the CCTV system over our IT network meaning cost savings for festival organisers as both the WiFi and CCTV can be run over the same network infrastructure. So, no need to pay for two separate networks when they can be combined!

Most public events need CCTV to get the relevant licence to run, so it’s just a matter of choosing the right provider. The most economical way is to double up this service with the Internet and WiFi provider meaning cost savings across the board.

Key Features



Easy to install

Flexible to your event requirements, our CCTV solutions are straightforward to install virtually anywhere and are designed to operate in all indoor and outdoor environments. In addition, they are robust and have various power options, so they will still run through power failures or where mains electricity is inaccessible.




Our mobile CCTV for events can be rapidly repositioned in new locations to suit the changing needs of individual events and can be used to capture, record and transmit video footage on a standalone basis or as part of a whole network of cameras and peripherals.



Acts as a deterrent

Applying CCTV to events is effective for deterring vandalism, violence, theft and a range of other undesirable activities. It also enables organisers to monitor human, and vehicle traffic flows to support delivering a positive, enjoyable visitor experience.



Supports analytics

If incidents occur, our camera system allows multiple operators to act fast, with both live and recorded footage. This is instantly viewable from CCTV control rooms and on mobile or tablet devices by ground staff. Our solution can also trigger alarms and support advanced analytics devices.

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Our Experience

As one of the UK’s first WiFi companies specialising in events, our experience across the years is varied. Check out some of our work below.

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