The Project:

Noba were proud to support the truly unique Paria Farzaneh SS2021 show, part of this year’s London Fashion Week. Based in picturesque parkland in the Buckinghamshire countryside, the location for the show was a particularly challenging environment in terms of connectivity, offering zero coverage.

Our Solution:

The Noba crew deployed our high gain directional LTE antennas and were able to provide a reliable 40Mbps/40Mbps bonded connection. With a dedicated 10Mbps satellite uplink setup in auto-failover mode, we delivered a highly reliable and fully redundant internet connection.

The Noba stream team were also onsite to provide a crystal clear 1080p live stream of the show direct to YouTube in order to extend the reach of the event. Using main and backup streaming hardware combined with main and backup internet connectivity, the Paria Farzaneh SS2021 show was in safe hands!

Paria Farzaneh 2
Paria Farzaneh 3