The Project:

Noba were engaged to provide connectivity between the ship and beach studios to facilitate a live video link of the naming ceremony of P&O’s latest, state-of-the-art ship, Arvia. Performances included live Nicole Sherzinger, Olly Murrs, Trevor Nelson and Sara Cox.

Our Solution:

– 1080p video stream between the 2 studios.
– Bonded 4g & Starlink on the ship.
– Fibre and 4g bonded connectivity on the beach.


Given the geographical location and the ship’s timetable, getting on board at the right time for even a site survey represented a huge logistical challenge.

Once on board, the main challenge was the ship’s movement; our initial plan of providing a point-to-point wireless link to the beach had to be abandoned because a clear line of sight could not be guaranteed.

Luckily we always have a plan B! By bonding 4g and Starlink together using our tried and tested Peplink solution, we could deliver a stable link between locations via the internet, meaning the audio and video streamed between the studios without a hitch.

P&O Arvia Ship Launch