The Project:

With a very short lead time Noba Event WiFi project managed and delivered a PTP internet connection and local infrastructure to the Comedy Store London. The internet connection was required to facilitate the VR streaming of a series of event nights in conjunction with Oppo VR Headsets.

Along with an existing venue internet connection our tried and tested bonding solution ensured that if either of the lines were to fail, the other would take over instantly meaning zero interruptions to the stream.

Our Solution:

– 1Gbps/1Gbps low latency, dedicated point to point internet connection bonded to the existing house line to create a single unbreakable pipe.
– Main and backup core router for added resilience.
– Main and backup core switches.
– Fibre and CAT6 installed throughout providing a super low latency event backbone.
– 24/7 real time monitoring and support.

The Comedy Store